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Purpose and expectation


You are invited to be a central part of the shift towards fossil free and smarter transportation. 

As a key stakeholder for this shift, you are welcome to participate in a workshop focusing on hypotheses for the continuation of Sustainable Mobility as a Service. Meet with other stakeholders, industry experts, core team members and initiators on a one day workshop facilitated by IDEO.

The workshop will set the course for a four-month process led by IDEO to understand the needs and possibilities for new sustainable and seamless mobility solutions. These solutions are most likely user-oriented, data-driven and digital.

The main purpose is becoming better equipped for the transformation to a sustainable transportation sector in Sweden.

Indicate interest to participate October 10 at the latest. Please note that the number of participants is limited, you will receive a confirmation from the organizers as soon as possible. 

Looking forward to co-work with you on October 18!

Erik Asph-Hennerdal and Stiva Liwiz, Swedish Energy Agency
Jesper Johansson and Olle Dierks, Swedish Incubators & Science Parks
Loren Flaherty, Peter Olson and Vivian Lo, IDEO

Your role

The workshop will be generative, participatory and solutions-oriented, so please come prepared to both learn and create new directions for mobility as a service. Please dress business casual, and we will provide lunch and snacks.


Sustainable Mobility as a Service is a project initiated by the Swedish Energy Agency aiming to co-develop new solutions and profitable business models in to reach the national goal of a fossil free transportation sector before 2045 (many involved stakeholders aim to reach this goal by 2030).

Sweden has committed to a long-term goal of reducing or eliminating carbon pollution within its borders, and has designated the Swedish Energy Agency as the coordinating agency in energy supply and the transportation sector. As a result, the platform “A Challenge from Sweden” has been co-developed with Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, bringing together the most committed stakeholders to meet key sustainability challenges.

"Gather a group of buyers, give the need definition the appropriate amount of time, reach out globally, and make it easy for solution providers to participate."

– Charlotte Lejon, Head of Commercialization and Entrepreneurship at the Swedish Energy Agency.

Indicate interest to participate

Agenda October 18th


Introductions and registration


Introduction to the challenge & project


End user perspective


Working session: what we heard


IDEO presentation: Behavior segmentation




IDEO presentation: Design fiction


Working session: Design fiction




Synthesis and share back


Next steps





Please note that the agenda is tentative and subject to change

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